Why Choose Prefab Insulated Panels for Your Construction Project?

Prefab insulated panels are used for building frames rather than standard trusses. These panels are made in a factory and then shipped to a jobsite, where they're put together something like puzzle pieces. They offer many benefits over the process of building a home or other structure from the ground up, starting with a standard frame and then adding walls and ceiling materials.

If you're having a new home or other building constructed, you may want to discuss this option with your contractor. If you're a contractor, you may want to consider a few reasons why it's good to recommend this choice to your customers. Note the following.

Straighter panels

It's easier to make straighter panels in a factory than it is to erect straight walls and a level ceiling while on a jobsite, where soft soil and other factors may make the frame sink and shift slightly. While small variances in the frame of a building may not seem important to you, note how this can affect construction. When cabinets and cupboards are installed, the contractor may need to add shims to keep them straight and even. Floorboards may also require shims and constant shaving of the wood to create a perfectly level surface.

Because insulated panels are straight and level, there is less time needed for secondary construction and less construction waste generated by all that shaving and trimming. This can make for a cleaner jobsite and a quicker build.

Tax credits and certifications

Prefabricated insulated panels will often save a homeowner or building owner money on utilities since they may offer a tighter fit and better insulation than standard wood frames and drywall panels. While this savings alone can be a reason to use these panels, note that you may also be eligible for a tax credit if you choose these panels. Most areas offer such credits for any type of construction material that cuts down on energy usage, including solar panels, low-flow toilets, and the like. These credits may extend to insulated panels installation.

In some cases, prefab insulated panels can also mean being eligible for certain environmental certifications. These environmental certifications can make a building more desirable for tenants and for other businesses who may want to work with companies that show a commitment to the environment. For homeowners, these certifications may make a home more desirable when put on the real estate market, as potential homebuyers will know they will save money on utilities and produce less pollution from energy usage through the years.