3 Key Points to Consider about Tank Pumps for Your Rainwater Tanks

There are various reasons you may be using rainwater tanks on your property. These may include a desire to reuse natural rainwater for your garden, as a backup water supply, or as a stockpile resource. One of the considerations you may want to look into is buying a pump for your larger rainwater tanks. There are several key points to consider about this type of tank pump and how it can benefit your rainwater collection and storage system.

Automatic versus Manual

The first consideration is regarding how the pump works once it is installed. You will have the choice of an automatic pump that can be set on a timer and work all on its own, or a manual option that requires you to turn it on and off each time. This choice greatly depends on the time you have and if you want full control over your pumps or if automation is key to how your homestead operates. The key point to remember for an automated system is that you need a power supply that will work during power outages, such as a solar generator or a manual override to allow you to keep the pump working.

Auto-Detect Shutoff

If you have been working with a rainwater collection system, you already know that your collection tanks will sometimes run dry. This may be due to use of the water, clearing out the water to prevent contamination, or simply from lack of rain. You need a pump that can detect when the water is low or gone and automatically shut off when this issue is detected. This will prevent the motor of your pump from overheating and will reduce possible damage to the motor as well.

Power Supply Preparation

In addition to considering the pump itself, you want to also focus on the power supply. This goes beyond the previously mentioned insurance of having a back up power source for your system. You should also focus on preparing the power supply through weather proofing. You need to make sure that the power source is grounded and that any extension cords or exposed portions of the power supply are equally grounded. Ideally, you should purchase a power supply that is equipped for water pumps or tank pumps. It is an investment that will give you a prepared source of power and cut back on any potentially costly repair or electrical issues.

By keeping these three key points in mind, you will be able to choose the right pump for your rainwater tanks. If you are ready to purchase a water or tank pump, contact your local dealer for pricing.