3 Ways Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators Outperform Ball Vibrators

If you're looking to buy vibrators to help you manage your stored materials and to keep them moving, then you might not be sure which type of device to install. You might not know whether to go with a pneumatic turbine vibrator or a device with a ball vibration system.

While ball vibrators do a good job in many scenarios, you might find that pneumatic turbine vibrators are a better fit for your needs. What are the advantages of using these devices?

1. Consistent Speeds

Like any piece of equipment, industrial vibrators can suffer from wear and damage over time. If you install ball vibrators in your silos or storage tanks, then you might notice that their speed changes after you've used them for a while. Damage and wear inside the ball mechanism sometimes affect a vibrator's ability to work effectively. It might start to lose some of its initial speed. This slowdown prevents the vibrator from working as well as did when you first installed it. As such, it might not have the power to do its job.

Pneumatic turbine vibrators don't suffer from speed loss as they age. They work at a consistent and expected rate throughout their lifespan.

2. Reduced Maintenance

The bearings in a ball vibrator need regular maintenance. For example, you might need to lubricate the bearings at regular intervals. If you don't do this, then some of the internal parts of the machine will start to rub together. If they don't have a protective layer of the right lubricator between them, then the vibrator could get damaged. It might overheat and some of its parts might wear down or break.

Fortunately, you don't need to do much maintenance at all on a pneumatic turbine vibrator. Its bearing areas are sealed; they don't need periodic lubrication.

3. Lower Energy Costs

Industrial vibrators need a supply of compressed air to work. Supplying this air to the machines costs you money. Typically, you'll find that ball vibrators need to use more air to work effectively. Pneumatic turbine vibrators are capable of running at high-performance levels at lower air consumption rates.

The less compressed air you use, the less power you need to supply to the vibrators. So, you should find that pneumatic turbine models give you more cost-effective energy consumption rates.

To learn more about these benefits and other reasons to choose pneumatic turbine vibrators, contact vibrator suppliers. They can help you source the best products for your needs.