3 Critical Considerations When Investing in Air Cannons for Your Industrial Applications

Air cannons offer the perfect solution for getting rid of material blockages and deposit build-ups in your industrial silos, bins or hoppers. The movement of materials in these vessels often causes stronger cohesive forces responsible for the clogs and blockages. However, you can install air canons inside your material handling vessel, which releases blasts of compressed air to eliminate these problems. The canon's rapid exhaust valve allows compressed air to flow into the equipment and can be adjusted at preferable voltage levels. Consequently, this generates high pressure that breaks the existing cohesive forces, allowing efficient material movement inside the vessel.  

Investing in the ideal air canons for your industrial application is thus essential, and here are three critical considerations to keep in mind during purchase:

Material Volume and Weight 

When selecting the ideal air canons for your industrial application, two essential aspects to pay attention to are the volume and weight of materials the vessel should handle. That's vital to determine the ideal pressure required for your air canons, often measured in PSI (pounds per square inch). 

For instance, you'll need to choose air canons with higher PSI levels for heavier materials like gravel. Conversely, you will require canons with lower PSI levels for blasting lighter materials like cereals. Ideally, consider air canons with adjustable pressure settings for greater versatility and adaptability to changing production needs. 

The Valve Assembly 

The air canon you choose consists of valves that might require regular cleaning and maintenance since they operate in dusty environments. If you must disassemble numerous parts when performing maintenance on your valves, that might cause reassembly problems and slow production time.  

Therefore, consider investing in valves that come as a single unit or a few larger components that are easier to disassemble and reassemble. Besides allowing for faster and easier maintenance, you don't need to spend more money enlisting specialists for the task. 

Double Piston Combination

Finally, it would help if you considered purchasing air canons with a double piston combination that fits loosely in the cannon's cylinder. Ideally, a no-tight tolerance fit generates pressure behind the pistons, pushing them against the valve seat. In turn, this creates a dependable seal. Opting for this kind of combination eliminates the need for extra O-rings to maintain the hydraulic fluid inside the piston chamber. Consequently, this minimises overall assembly and installation costs. Furthermore, the lack of O-rings eliminates clogging or blockages when the equipment is operating. 

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