Why You Need a Thermal Imager in Your Factory

Factories are faced with many problems and it is important to assemble different tools that can be helpful in enabling you to detect those problems at the earliest possible opportunity. A thermal imager (a camera that takes photos of the heat signature of a given structure) is one of those important tools. This article discusses how a thermal imager can be useful in your factory.

It Helps You to Identify Electrical Problems

It may not be easy for your facilities manager to be certain that all circuits, motors and other electrical equipment are functioning optimally. A thermal imager can help him/her to identify which electrical systems have a problem. For instance, a motor may emit a heat signature (heat map) that shows it is overheating. This information can be used to check for any corrosion that may have increased the resistance of that motor. In this way, remedial action can be taken before the motor blows or fails. The thermal imager can also be useful when you are checking potentially risky equipment (such as high voltage lines in the plant). This is because you do not have to touch or be close to the equipment in order to conduct the check.

It Helps You to Track Thermal Performance

A factory operates throughout the year and that means temperature control is a major expense. Damaged insulation can cost you a fortune if it remains undetected for long. This is because the air conditioning system will consume extra energy to compensate for the heat that is being lost via that leak in the insulation. A thermal imager can help you to detect such thermal leaks so that you prevent the losses that would have occurred.

It Helps You to Detect Moisture Problems

A thermal imager can help you to prevent moisture problems from affecting your factory. For instance, you may be a food processor and any mould that grows within your premises can result in the closure of your facility. Thermal imagers can avert such grave situations. This is because the images taken can alert you to the existence of inexplicable cool spots within the building. A further investigation can reveal a leak in the basement. Such information can enable you to install additional waterproofing so that water does not get into the factory from underground.

A thermal imager can ease your work in more ways than what has been covered in this discussion. Contact a supplier of thermal products near you and find out how you can add thermal imagers to your assortment of hi-tech tools.