What to Know About Radio Rentals

If you are looking for a price savvy communication gadget for a formal or informal event, without committing to a purchase, renting radios is one of the most suitable options available. Radios are essential for event planners in ensuring that people are safe and things run smoothly as expected. For one time events such as trade shows, sporting events, corporate and government events, weddings and festivals, it is only prudent to rent rather than buy radios, bearing in mind that they will only be used for a short period of time.

The radio rental process is streamlined and ensures customised solutions depending on one's needs. Before getting started on the rental process, it is important to understand all that's involved in the process.

Establishing your needs

Before renting radios for your event, it is important to assess your needs in order to identify the best possible solution. Communication radios such as walkie-talkies come in different configurations; therefore, it is important to establish the most suitable ones for your events. Some of the considerations to have in mind include the following.

  • Number of radios needed--how many employees will be using the radios?
  • The period of time for which you will be using the radios.
  • Where will your event be located?
  • How scattered will your communications team be?
  • What type of communication will you be making?

Noting down the specific requirements based on these factors will help you and your radio rentals provider in coming up with the best solution.

Choosing radios for rent

Advancement in microprocessor technology allows radio manufacturing companies to include new features into their radios every year. Radio rentals allow you to get the latest technology radios with the latest features and style. One of the important features to look out for in radios is the push-to-talk technology, which allows users to simply push a button and be connected to other users within their range in a matter of seconds. They are therefore more suitable than mobile phones for event organizers' communication needs. Another great feature to look out for in radios is the noise cancelling feature which allows clear communication even in a noisy environment.

Radio gear and accessories

Communication radios can be fitted with different accessories depending on individual needs. Batteries, antennas and spare batteries are generally included in any radio rental package. If your team needs to be less conspicuous and hands-free during the event, you can have your provider recommend great earpieces and headsets. For a security event, surveillance microphones can be included in the package. You can also rent a multiple charging station that allows you to charge five or more radios at once. All these accessories come in different styles and designs depending on the type of radio that you are renting.

Once you have establish the best radios and accessories for your event, your provider handles the technical details such as radio configuration, assigning of frequencies and assessing the site to ensure that buildings and other features do not block frequencies. Your provider will also offer repair and replacement services for any broken radio equipment.