Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Electric Tools in Good Working Condition

Electric tools are a mainstay in most homes. Not only can they be used to fix small repairs here and there, they also come in quite handy for homeowner who love engaging in DIY projects. However, improper care and maintenance of these tools will not only pose the risk of damaging them, but will also considerably lessen their shelf life. Whether you have cheap tools or have invested in expensive ones, here are some simple maintenance tips to keeping them in good working condition.

Do not expose them to dust

You electric tools should never be exposed to excessive dust. The best way to ensure that they are always ready for use is storing them in an enclosed area that is clean. In addition to this, you should take the time to wipe them down on a regular basis so as to avoid the accumulation of dust. Some of the components to pay close attention to when cleaning out the dust from your tools are their housing intake as well as their exhaust, if present.

Inspect the cords on your tools

Worn electric cords pose a risk of both permanently damaging your electric tools and injuring you through electrocution. As such, it is pertinent to inspect these cords for any wear and tear that may develop over time. If there are any loose wires present, it is recommended to desist using the tool until you have either had the cord replaced or purchased a new tool altogether. While inspecting the cords, take note to examine the prongs to ensure that they are not damaged or exhibit any sign of burning. Lastly, ensure that the casing of the prongs is secure and intact, as loose casing will have to be addressed before using the tool again.

Oil your tools

Some electric tools may require oiling to ensure that they remain in good working condition. This is most common with cutting tools that have metal blades. Regular cleaning and oiling of the blades will inhibit the formation of rust, thus increasing the life span of your tools. Also, make a note to ensure that tools that are susceptible to rusting are not stored in close proximity to any moisture.

Keep your tools in their casing

The best way to store your tools would be to keep them in their original casing. Since the manufacturer packaged them in this casing, it would be the best option at keeping away unwanted elements such as dust and moisture as compared to simply stuffing them on a shelf in your garage.