When Should You Choose an Air Cannon Versus Vibration Equipment for Materials Flow?

Materials flow refers to how quickly and easily materials can be emptied from a rail car, silo, or other such holding bin. Materials flow can sometimes be a problem, as certain raw materials may stick to each other, cling to the walls of a holding bin, or clog the chute or hopper as they're being emptied. You can typically use vibration equipment that is attached to the sides of such bins in order to shake loose the materials, or use an air cannon that blasts a quick shot of air in order to break up such blockages. [Read More]

What to Look For When Choosing a Tarp

A tarp can be a great investment for anyone; they're used to cover items you have stored outside or even in the garage, and can be used as drop cloths when you paint. A tarp can also be used by campers and hikers who need added shelter from the elements when in nature. When you shop for a tarp, you might be surprised at the many choices you have available, including their overall material and suggested uses. [Read More]

3 Things To Look For In A Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Using reverse cycle air conditioning units is increasingly becoming common in a large number of residential areas. This can be attributed to the fact that a reverse cycle air conditioners is able to heat a house without passing electric current through its system. This reduces reliance on the mains electricity supply around the home, which ultimately translates to lower power utility bills. This article discusses three things that an interested homeowners should look for in a reverse cycle air conditioning unit. [Read More]

Common Problems with Your Hydraulic Cylinders and Their Possible Solutions

Hydraulic cylinders are essential components that ensure your hydraulic equipment run perfectly. For this reason, if you operate a lot of hydraulic equipment, it is important to understand a few problems that can affect the functioning of the equipment. As part of the regular maintenance of your hydraulic equipment, knowing some of the common causes of your hydraulic cylinder problem can help you find solutions as early as possible in order to avoid high maintenance costs brought by regular repairs or replacements. [Read More]