Dog Fencing When Your Dog Isn't the Problem

Dog fencing is exactly what you need if your dog keeps running out of your yard and getting into/causing trouble. However, if your dog isn't the problem, but other dogs are coming in and destroying your property or picking fights with your dog, you need to approach dog fencing a bit differently. You do use a lot of the same tactics, but some tools are no longer appropriate, while others become more important. [Read More]

3 Critical Considerations When Investing in Air Cannons for Your Industrial Applications

Air cannons offer the perfect solution for getting rid of material blockages and deposit build-ups in your industrial silos, bins or hoppers. The movement of materials in these vessels often causes stronger cohesive forces responsible for the clogs and blockages. However, you can install air canons inside your material handling vessel, which releases blasts of compressed air to eliminate these problems. The canon's rapid exhaust valve allows compressed air to flow into the equipment and can be adjusted at preferable voltage levels. [Read More]